A wireless router allows you to create and access an internet connection throughout your home. It allows for easy and mobile access to the internet - and it does away with all those unsightly cables.

Wireless internet access allows you to share internet access, files, printers, game consoles, and other devices among all the computers in your home. In practical terms, it will allow you to search for holidays on your laptop while your kids use the internet for their homework upstairs without the need for a home network. Or you can browse the web on your laptop, tablet or smartphone while sitting in the garden. If you have high speed internet, a wireless network will allow all your devices to share the internet.

There are downsides a few downsides to be aware of: wireless internet access at home can be affected if you stray too far from your router at home, which can limit your movement or require the purchase of a second router. Read our tips to ensure your switch to wireless goes as smoothly as possible.